FAQs: For Employers

I need someone fo12r an immediate start. Can you help?
We often find specialist staff on very short notice. This is because we work with candidates every day and use industry leading recruitment software that enables us to build, update and search our database of qualified candidates. If we don't have suitable candidates currently looking, we will initiate a targeted advertising campaign across all of Australia's major job boards as well as utilising our industry contacts.

As an employer, will I be charged for CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services work?
Yes. A fee is payable in accordance with our terms and conditions if a business, government agency or any legal entity employs a candidate introduced by us.

What happens if the candidate does not work out?
CBC Staff Selection provides a guarantee period of three (3) months. If the candidate is fired or resigns within the first three (3) months of employment, CBC Staff Selection will work on finding a replacement at no additional cost.

How do your fees compare to your competitors?
Our fees are very competitive and provide great value to our clients. Just ask one of our consultants for a copy of our terms and conditions and view our fee schedule.

Would I benefit by building a relationship with CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services?
At CBC Staff Selection our goal is to find the right person for every job. We do that best when we have a deep understanding of your needs based on a long-term relationship.

Why would I want to use CBC Staff Selection Recruitment Services when we have an internal HR person?
We recommend using HR for frequent personnel tasks such as training and performance reviews. Leave job searches to us. Search and selection is what we do every day.

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