Cultural fit

Recruitment of a new team member for your business can often be seen as a chore. Writing the advert, deciding where best to place it, wading through resumes of applicants, interviewing candidates and finally settling on the one you want to employ.

Imagine that you’ve gone through the process, you’ve interviewed the best candidates based on what their resumes tell you and you think you’ve selected the person best able to perform the role. After all of this effort, have you considered how they will fit in with the rest of your team?

An often overlooked consideration when looking for great employees is the way they will fit into your company culture. What comes across well in a resume does not necessarily equate to what will work well, personality wise, within your team.

Every company has a culture, be it good, bad or somewhere in between. This is one of the first things a new employee will notice when they start with your organisation. Ideally, you should be wanting to hire new starts who mesh with the people and styles you already have.

Hiring for cultural fit is not about getting the most expensive or most experienced person into your business. It’s about getting the best possible person, who is right for your team. If you are hiring without thinking about cultural fit, you are risking productivity decreases, higher staff turnover and a demotivated team due to lack of employee satisfaction.

Obviously you need to be hiring a person who can perform the role that you need doing. Personality is not the be all and end all of the recruitment process, but it is one of the crucial aspects which should be considered along with experience, knowledge and ability. If you are happy with the culture of your business, make sure that you are hiring to complement it.