Mara Fieldhouse
Administration Support

Providing high level administration support

What do you love about CBC?

I love the focus on team, I really enjoy the fact that we have a very respectful friendly candidate and client base, everyone I talk to is positive and clearly loves what we do for them.

What is your greatest source of enjoyment in recruitment?

In my role, I am ‘Director of First Impressions’ – or otherwise known as the Receptionist. I get to meet all our candidates personally when they come in to meet with us, then, I get to talk to all our candidates and clients as I manage the switchboard – and when I attend our weekly internal meetings, I really enjoy hearing about who has successfully got new roles – it gives we great pleasure to see the recruitment successes, especially as I have met most people.

Where do you feel you add value to candidates who are looking for work?

By being the first point of contact, I add value by ensuring that I am the friendly, positive face in reception, or voice on the end of the phone, so that they have a strong safe feeling when dealing with the business.

What’s your work related super power?

I am proactive and I get things done within the set deadlines. Often recruitment is urgent, so being a reliable, fast paced person, I can turn around documents, emails and resumes to ensure that I meet the expectations of the team, of our candidates and our clients.

Can you tell us about the most memorable moment of your career?

With CBC we often place people into temporary casual roles, then they quickly join those businesses on a permanent basis, once they have proved themselves. This happened to me, when I was working for a government department in Victoria, the role was a short term temp role, I then decided to study a certificate in Business, my boss found out, and was so impressed with my proactive attitude, when they were next recruiting on a permanent basis, they encouraged me to apply, and I got the role – that was such a surprise and certainly a highlight – it shows that temp work can open doors that you never expected, and helps me when I speak to candidates, I encourage them to try new opportunities, as you never know where they may take you.

Is there a specific project or achievement at CBC that stands out?

As the newest addition to CBC Staff Selection not one single moment has stood out – yet! I am so grateful that internally the staff appreciate me and my role, and to be providing excellence to candidates and clients of the business.