Shae Duffy

Providing high level administration support

07 4051 9699

What do you love about CBC?

I really enjoy building relationships with people from different backgrounds, industries and professions. What makes being a Recruitment Coordinator at CBC a standout however, is the people – not just those in the office, but the clients and candidates we assist.The team at CBC all work hard, but we also make sure we share downtime together – it’s what sets it apart from other roles I have had. People join the team and stay for a long time because we all share a common goal of doing the best we can to ensure we deliver quality service, and the best results.

What is your greatest source of enjoyment in recruitment?

Being part of a team that helps match candidates with their dream jobs and playing a part in furthering the careers of others, is extremely rewarding.The reaction on people’s faces when they learn they have got an interview or landed their dream job, is where I get my greatest sense of enjoyment. Watching the process unfold, is extremely rewarding.

Where do you feel you add value to candidates who are looking for work?

I spend a lot of time working through resumes and offering suggestions to help people make improvements. Often, candidates have all the information, but they just need a bit of guidance to ensure sure the key points really stand out.Having a thorough professional knowledge of administration allows me to identify their strengths which in turn, gives them the best chance possible, of job success.

What’s your work related super power?

I am a naturally positive person and love engaging with clients and candidates. I treat every call or person I see, in the same way and like to make them feel valued.By being consistent, accurate and having a friendly personality, I am able to maintain the high level of customer service for which CBC is known.

Can you tell us about the most memorable moment of your career?

I have worked and traveled in the UK during which time, I was employed with an outreach team within the mental health department as a team administrator.Seeing the positive transformation in people who used the service and knowing I had played a part in that, was truly rewarding.

Is there a specific project or achievement at CBC that stands out?

Any project that involves making improvements through investments in technology really invigorates me.At CBC, we are continually implementing new technologies to help streamline our work and deliver the best possible service to our candidates and clients.